Lauren Gottlieb
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Lauren's loving it in India!

Lauren Gottlieb


New Delhi, May 20 -- Actor Lauren Gottlieb, who has shifted to India from the US for work, is enjoying her stay here.

"I love it in India here. The country has rich culture and great food. Unlike many outsiders who find the food spicy, I love the food here because I have a pallate for spices," she says and adds that another thing she loves about the country is close-knit families here.

"I love it that many adults here still choose to stay with their parents. And everytime I find someone like that, I feel a bit homesick, for I miss my mom's cooking," says the Welcome to Karachi actor.

She explains saying, "You know I am an Italian, but my family stays in America. And in my family home-cooked food is treated as the best. So, sometimes I do miss home food," she says. The ABCD: Any Body Can Dance (2013) actor is determined to work her way around the craving.

"I generally go out to explore Italian food but I am yet to find one restaurant that will be as good as the food cooked by my mom. Once I find it, I am exhausting it. Finding a great food place is on my to-do list," she laughs.