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Kunal Kapoor: Naina has brought a lot of depth to my life..


Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- Kunal Kapoor has taken extensive training in hockey in the last couple of months. The actor is currently working in Gold alongside Akshay Kumar. 
The film is based on the tale of the first gold medal that the Indian Hockey team won as a free nation in the 1948 London Olympics. 
He says, "Akshay and I have been training in hockey for the last five-and-a-half months. We joke with one another that if things don't work well, we can always become hockey players. We have trained a lot for it."
Talking about sharing the frame with Akshay Kumar, the actor says that he has "always looked forward to working with him". 
"I think rarely in the history of cinema has an actor been able to reinvent himself the way he has. He started off doing action films and became an action star. Then he took up comedy and became someone who's really good at the genre, and then in the last few years, he reinvented himself all over again and did films that are socially relevant. I really admire him for that," says the Raag Desh actor.
Ask him about his criteria for signing projects, and the importance of the scale and budget of a film, he says, "Box-office numbers are important but I don't select movies based on the budget. If you look at Veeram, it was a bigbudget Malayalam film. Then I did Dear Zindagi (2016), which was different. Raag Desh was a period film, shot within a certain budget. Then I did a small film, The Noblemen, and now Gold, which is a big-budget film. So there's no format. Having said that, it's important that when you are making something experimental or for a niche audience, you need to shoot it within a certain budget because you don't want anyone to lose money."
On the personal front, Kunal married Naina Bachchan in 2015. Talking about how marriage has changed him as a person, he says, "I really got lucky that I met someone who is so amazing, and she has brought a lot of depth to my life. Before I met her, there were many things that I was doing at surface level. She is someone who has an amazing ability to look at a situation with a lot of depth and that is something I've learnt from her and tried to incorporate in my life."