Kunal Kapoor
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Kunal: It's my work at the end of the day


New Delhi, Jan. 18 -- Actor Kunal Kapoor, who has portrayed the character of an infamous warrior, Chandu Chekavar, in his multilingual film Veeram, has undergone rigorous training for his role.

While one part of his role required him to put on 12 kilos, the other demanded a muscular body to look like a strong warrior. Talking about the transformation, he says, "I'm a lean chap and my director wanted me to look physically intimidating, so I had to put on muscles. I spent around 2.5 hours in the gym daily, and about 2 hours of martial arts training. It was a prerequisite to get into shape."

Ask him about the most tough part while prepping for his role, he says, "We were shooting for six weeks in three languages. On some days, we even shot for 18-19 hours. Thereafter, hitting the gym, when you are physically drained, was a challenge."

Kunal feels even if the journey has been difficult, it has been rewarding too.

"It's a sort of part that any actor would prepare if he/she got to play this role. It's my work at the end of the day. It's a dream for any actor to play a character that goes from being a celebrated soldier to somebody who is seduced by power and greed and ultimately becomes a ruthless tyrant. So the journey that the character undergoes is phenomenal and exciting for any actor," he shares.