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The real story behind Kumar Sanu's Dard Karaara..

Kumar Sanu


New Delhi, March 3 -- If you've been a fan of singer Kumar Sanu, and still hum the several songs he lent his voice to in the 90s, here's more reasons for you to rejoice.

Ayushmann Khurrana's recently-released film, in which Sanu has sung Dard Karaara, could well be the comeback film of sorts for Sanu. Sharat Kataria, the director of the film, says Sanu was always important for his film.

"Kumar Sanu was always a part of the script. Those who grew up in the 90s can never forget the value of his voice in their lives. But it's not just about his voice in the film. Even the story has references about him," he says.

"We were initially not planning to make Sanu da sing the song in the film. But then, we had an idea, and decided to create a song just like the 90s. It was not an easy job, as we had to recreate everything like those days. You see, most of the technicians from that era are out of job now, but we contacted them and asked them to come up with something special. I don't think they disappointed. Our lyricist Varun Grover understood the script well and we finally came up with Dard Karaara. Anu Malik's magic only added to the effect," he adds.

The film, Kataria reveals, is a humorous take on a mismatched marriage. "It's about the simplicity that we hide beneath our tough exteriors." That it is set in Haridwar too has reason, says Kataria. "It's about a dysfunctional family where nobody is happy with the current situation. We decided to set it in Haridwar because of its spiritual value. People come to Haridwar in search of peace and we have a local family here which is not at peace at all. This paradox interested me a lot," says Kataria.