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Kumar Sanu: 'Why stop me from singing my songs?'

Kumar Sanu

New Delhi, April 29 -- Singer Kumar Sanu has lashed out at the music company T-Series for asking him to sign a "feudal contract" for a song in Kangana Ranaut's latest film.    

The singer, who had already recorded the track, walked out of the project when he learned about the terms and conditions. "I had issues with the contract and did not sign it. It was a feudal contract which said: I won't be able to sing the track in concerts, I'll be paid a one-time fee and I'll have to agree to it. It also said that I'll not be entitled to any royalty for the song. How can T-Series stop me from singing my own song?" says Sanu, who last sang in Akshay Kumar-starrer, Rowdy Rathore (2012).    

"They found another singer, Avi Dutta, whose voice sounds similar to mine and recorded the track with him. I am glad that a new singer got the opportunity to sing, but at the same time, I'm feeling bad because I'm fighting for the rights of other singers. My step is an attempt to pave a way for a better future for all the artists," he laments.    

When contacted, Bhushan Kumar of T-Series said, "Contracts are handled by the producers and I think they are the concerned persons for any kind of clarity on this issue. We just have the music rights with us."