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Shahrukh Khan encourages Kriti Sanon!

Kriti Sanon

By Tulsi, News Network

Now this is truly sweet by Shahrukh Khan! Listen up!

Obviously Kriti Sanon is thrilled to be a part of the same film as SRK. She is just one film old, and will be shooting for Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale along with Varun Dhawan, SRK and Kajol.

So, when she tweeted: “A new film begins tomo! A dream project!All the best @Varun_dvn ! Will join u soon in another 2 days!! Wooohoooo! Can’t wait!! #Dilwale”?SRK replied to her: ““@kritisanon do well and may this be the beginnings of wonderful experiences. All the best. Hav fun Rohit is really sweet & kind.”?

Wow! Is this man not awesome or what? We say, Kriti Sanon, make the most of it!