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Kriti Sanon holds action movies in high regard!

Kriti Sanon


Mumbai, Jan. 19 -- Kriti Sanon, who has two Bollywood films to her credit, both of which fall under the romantic-action genre, holds action movies in high regard.

She's even keen to try her hand at action. Recently, there was a lot of buzz about Salman Khan being keen to cast Kriti in his upcoming film on wrestling.

A source reveals, "She has been getting many offers of late, but she's taking her time to decide what she wants to do next. She loves romantic and action films. So, a combination of the two genres would be ideal for her. Kriti's favourite film in this combination genre happens to be the Angelina Jolie- and Brad Pitt-starrer, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). In fact, she says she would love to even star in a remake of the film."

Ask Kriti about this, and she says, "It is one of my favourite action films. I love Angelina's high-octane action scenes. I have watched it a number of times. This is one film I would definitely love to star in, if it's ever remade."