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Kriti: 'It was strange not going home when in Delhi'

Kriti Sanon


New Delhi, June 4 -- In her heart, she's still the fun-loving Delhi girl who loves catching up with her close buddies and hosting pyjama parties, but life has surely changed for Bollywood newbie Kriti Sanon. So much so, that during her recent visit to her hometown, the 23-year-old didn't even get to go home.    

"It was strange not going home when in Delhi... and even stranger to stay in a hotel in my hometown!" says Kriti, adding, "I was put up with the cast near Gurgaon and my home is in IP Extension. My schedule was so packed that I could not go that far and come back... so I invited some of my close college friends over at the hotel itself, and we chatted all night."    

The actor, who has been appreciated for her fresh appeal in her recently released film alongside Tiger Shroff, also reveals that she met her mom and sister at the airport, when she landed in Delhi.    

"We kind of met for two minutes... they were heading to Mumbai to watch the film's premiere. So, well, it's a different life now... seems like an alien space sometimes," she confesses.

But the biggest change for the gold medallist from Delhi Public School is to come to terms with rumours. "I keep reading that I've signed this film, that film... then my mom calls up saying, 'You didn't even tell me that you signed this film' and I'm like, 'Really? Did I?'," laughs Kriti, who says that it's her dream to work with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, someday. "And I love Madhuri Dixit. She's the only one who manages to give a million expressions in one song," she gushes.