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Aamir's blast from the past!

Kriti Sanon

Mumbai, April 18 -- Aamir Khan recently had a blast from the past. The actor, who unveiled the trailer of Tiger Shroff 's upcoming film, met Kriti Sanon at the event and was reminded of an ad the two had done together. Kriti is making her Bollywood debut with the film and has worked in ads and south movies in the past.    

"Kriti was excited to meet Aamir as she had appeared with him in 2011 in an ad for a cell phone company. However, when she introduced herself to Aamir, he couldn't place her. That is when she reminded him of the ad they'd done together. Once he recalled who she was, he congratulated her and the two had a long chat," says a source present at the event. The two even discussed Kriti's past work and Bollywood debut. The source adds, "Aamir asked her about her work and experience of shooting for her film."    

While Kriti was unavailable for comment, the director of the film, Sabbir Khan, says, "Kriti did not tell us that she had shot an ad with Aamir. Actually, she was not sure whether Aamir would remember her. They had shot it a long time ago. When she mentioned it to Aamir, he remembered it, and Kriti was overjoyed."