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Kiran gets pitch perfect!

Kiran Rao

Mumbai, Dec. 3 -- Looks like film-maker Kiran Rao is going out of her way to support niche film projects. After backing Anand Gandhi's indie release, Ship Of Theseus (SOT), earlier this year, she is all set to support a slew of young documentary film-makers now.

Kiran will reportedly be moderating the pitching sessions at an event called The Good Pitch next year. The session will offer upcoming talent a chance to strike partnerships with several international organisations, including producers and exhibitors.    

Apparently, out of 123 entries that have come in from across India, only eight will be selected to be presented to an expert panel at the event, which will be held on February 4 next year. "All the participants will be given seven minutes to make their presentations, which must include a three-minute trailer. Then they will receive feedback from the panel as well as the audience. And that's where Kiran comes in. She will help pitch these docu-films to the panellists," says a source.    

Over the past few years, Kiran has earned a reputation for supporting non-mainstream films. Apart from ensuring that SOT received a nationwide release, she has also produced offbeat films such as Dhobi Ghat (2010) and Peepli Live (2010). We tried getting in touch with Kiran, but she remained unavailable for comment.