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You'll not be seeing Ranbir & Kat together in Rajneeti sequel

Katrina Kaif

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The two were absolutely exceptional in Rajneeti! And seeing the real-life couple together again (that too after reaching such a mature, serious stage in the relationship), was something that everyone has been waiting for…

Ever since the announcement of Rajneeti sequel, the excitement grew to see the lovebirds work together again.

But to everyone’s disappointment, that isn’t happening! The sequel will not have Ranbir Kapoor!

So, is Ranbir being replaced by someone else? Of course not! Now that would be ridiculous, no?

According to the grapevine, the film will mainly revolve around Indu Pratap Singh, which is Katrina’s character, and take the centre stage, while Ranbir’s character Samar Pratap Singh is not part of this plot! Apparently, his character leaves India, as he wants to stay away from politics.

Would Katrina be able to handle the film all by herself? Only time can tell! But cearly, this film is extremely important for Kat’s career. Rajneeti was the first time that people really took her seriously as an actress, and being the central character in Rajneeti 2 will only help her achieve more of that. Moreover, she has been missing from the big screen lately. So yes, this film is vital!

 The film will begin its shooting by the end of this year, post Kat’s shooting for Fitoor. And we wish her all the best!