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When Katrina is away, films are delayed!

Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif is one busy actor these days. As a result, the shoot of her film with Ranbir Kapoor, that was initially supposed to take place in September, might get delayed. It is being directed by Anurag Basu.

The actor recently finished shooting portions of Siddharth Anand’s action film with Hrithik Roshan in Prague, Czech Republic; then, almost immediately, she had to head to London, UK, for the schedule of Kabir Khan’s movie opposite Saif Ali Khan.

Although Katrina is set to return to the city this week, life isn’t going to get any easier. "Once she’s back in Mumbai, she will have to shoot for both these films simultaneously. She will be shuttling between the two sets," says a source close to the actor, adding, "Then, she will get a few days to work on Anurag’s movie, but since the release of Siddharth’s film will be close by then, she will need to make time for its promotional activities."

Apparently, Anurag was planning a long shooting schedule for his detective film in September, which he may now have to delay. Meanwhile, in September, even Ranbir is expected to be busy with regards to a football tournament in which he owns a franchise.  

When we contacted Anurag, he refrained from divulging any details, but he did say, "The September [shoot] dates will have to be rescheduled. However, we hope to wrap up the film by October or November this year."