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Sonam saves Katrina: She is going to get married after me

Katrina Kaif

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

At the L’Oreal event yesterday, the two brand ambassadors seemed to get along like fire! Sonam And Katrina were looking at their best, and behaving at their best too!

So, as Katrina Kapoor, who just came back from a vacation at Maldives with loverboy Ranbir Kapoor, she was bombarded by the media about their wedding details.

An agitated Katrina said: “It's my personal life. If I do not wish to comment, I won't comment on it. It's your job to speculate and it's my job not to speak about it."

But before Kat would blow off, Sonam came to rescue and told the media: “She is going to get married after me. We have decided that between us. But, we don't know when is that going to happen."

Kat was happy to have Sonam say that, and further supported her: “"I think that's an excellent suggestion. I should get married after Sonam and I think even Sonam doesn't know when that's happening. So, neither of us know. See, marriage should be special and magical. You should get married when you just look at each other and you are 100 % sure that you cannot live without that person. I hope that happens soon for me as well as Sonam and as well as for everybody else here."

She ended the whole wedding questions shenanigins with a promise: "Anything is possible. I don't have any plans yet, so I cannot share them with you currently. But if and when I do have plans of getting married, I promise I will tell you."