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Sonam inspires Katrina?

Katrina Kaif


Mumbai, April 28 -- The Cannes Film Festival is known not only to be a platform for riveting cinema from across the world, but also for its heady dose of glamour.

While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor have graced the Cannes red carpet in the past, this year in May, Katrina Kaif will make her debut at the event. We have come to know that the actor wants to model her red carpet appearance on Sonam's fashion statement.

A source close to Katrina says, "Since she is making her debut at Cannes, she is unsure about the kind of look she should go for. So, she has asked her style team to keep Sonam's looks from her past appearances as reference points, given that both of them are in the same age bracket."

The source adds that even though Aishwarya has walked the Cannes red carpet several times, Katrina doesn't want to follow her style. "Aishwarya is her senior in age and experience. Katrina loves Sonam's style more," says the source.