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Questions that annoy Bollywood stars!

Katrina Kaif

They like to be papped. They like to be written about. They like to be in the news. However, there are a few questions that drive these film actors up the wall. While some like Ranbir Kapoor make headlines by shouting at the paparazzi, others like Katrina Kaif somehow manage to clench their fists, grind their teeth and answer the question.

For instance, a usually calm Aamir Khan, who is known to support causes, gets irked each time he’s asked, “So, when are you joining politics?” He has made it clear umpteen times that he has “no intention to enter politics”.

Meanwhile, his Dhoom: 3 co-star Katrina Kaif is done with answering questions about an impending wedding to actor Ranbir Kapoor. The latter, too, reacts sharply everytime the question is popped. “There is a phrase in English — ‘Mind your own business’,” he makes it curt and clear. Another rumoured pair that gets equally miffed with ’relationship’ questions is that of actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

None of them, though, can beat Salman Khan’s intolerance to the big ‘shaadi’ question. “I think people who ask me this same ghisa-pita question (shadi kab hogi?) are all brain-dead,” he has said on more occasions than one.

Then there are those who are married but want no baby prodding. “Earlier, everyone would ask me about my marriage plans. Now that I am married, all people want to know is when I am going to have a baby! A woman does not only need to produce babies,” says actor Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Then, it’s rivalry-related questions that don’t work with Shah Rukh Khan for one, apart from absolutely no mention of his baby, AbRam.

On the professional front, it’s the comeback question that seems to make many fume. “I didn’t go anywhere so how will I make a comeback!” snaps Aishwarya Rai Bachchan everytime she’s asked that. And, that’s not all with the Bachchans. While Amitabh turns livid at the very mention of the word ‘Bollywood’, his wife Jaya can’t take it when daughter-in-law is addressed as ‘Ash’.