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Kat's sister concern!

Katrina Kaif

Mumbai, Dec. 16 -- Katrina Kaif might be a popular film-star with little time to spare, but for her family, she makes sure she's always accessible. The actor has now started a chat group on a popular mobile application just so she can stay in touch with her six sisters and one brother, all of who live in different parts of the world.    

"We have a chat group called 'Sisters'. All of us are on the group, so it saves the confusion of sending seven different messages. We all know what the other person is doing on a daily basis. Sometimes I am in the middle of the shoot and suddenly a cake's picture will pop up even as they discuss how to make icing on the cake," says Katrina, with a smile.     

She adds, "Everyone can broadcast their messages to all of us at one go. The only unfortunate member of the group is my brother because he has to be part of the group called Sisters. So you have the names of six sisters followed by Michael's name in the end. That's tough luck."