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Mumbai, Feb. 18 -- A few weeks ago, actor Shraddha Kapoor was named the brand ambassador for a beauty product, which has long been endorsed by Katrina Kaif. Since then, rumour mills started claiming that Katrina is losing ground, as the newbie replaced her as the band ambassador.

On hearing this, the company issued a statement saying, "Our association with Katrina is fundamental to us. She has been with this brand since its inception and we regret any inconvenience. " Another source from the company added, "Katrina has been endorsing the company for seven out of 10 years that it has been doing business in the country. Shraddha has just been added to the roster as the brand wants to establish itself across platforms such as print, television and the Internet."

Katrina has consciously chosen to stay away from all kinds of social media platforms since the very start, and hasn't succumbed to pressure from her peers and colleagues in the industry, which led to the brand looking out for a new face. When contacted, Katrina's spokesperson said, "Katrina isn't on any social networking site and doesn't even plan to join them."