Katrina Kaif
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Kat's not competing with any one actor!

Katrina Kaif

New Delhi, Feb. 8 -- Most of her contemporaries might regard her as competition but Katrina Kaif says that she isn't in Bollywood to compete with any one actor.

"Anyone who does good work is competition. And I think it's important to be challenged because that's what pushes you to do better," says the 30-year-old, who debuted in Bollywood over a decade ago, and is often regarded as one of the top stars of the industry.    

Ask her how it feels to be seen as one of the best, and she smiles. "It's good... it's a mixture of a lot of things. It's extremely exciting, but yeah, there's always a pressure and that often takes a toll on you, because there's only so much you can do," says the actor, who recently unveiled L'Oreal Paris' 6 Oil Nourish Haircare as the brand's new ambassador.    

And, who among her contemporaries is her favourite? "I don't have any favourite in particular. I think everyone does a good job in different films so it depends on every different film I watch," she says.