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Katrina says she's not arrogant!


New Delhi, May 28 -- Actor Katrina Kaif has always been known to keep to herself and the actor says that this is because she is a guarded person. However, the actor adds that very often this is misunderstood for arrogance.

"The biggest misconception that people have about me is that I don't talk to them because of arrogance. It's not arrogance, it's just that I am a guarded person," she says in the Vogue India, June 2016 issue. "People share things all the time...it doesn't come naturally to me...I fear I might get into a war of words, constantly clarifying myself," she said.

Katrina has been in the news since these past few months for her break up with actor Ranbir Kapoor. However she is yet to even say a word about it. "All Cancerians are guarded to a certain extent. That's just the way it is," she says. "It's also just about being a girl," she said.

She is especially careful about talking about "another person who is not in your control." "Which means, you are going to be speaking for yourself and for that other person, constantly making changes and updates, you know?" she said.

Katrina, says that over the years she has changed her outlook towards friends in the industry. "I no longer make friends in a way that I am too attached or dependent on people. This is the film industry, this is a place of work and sometimes we mix the personal and the professional too closely," she said.