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Katrina Kaif: 'So what if people think I can't act?'

Katrina Kaif

New Delhi, Feb. 8 -- She might be a Bollywood megastar, but ironically, not many in the film fraternity rate Katrina Kaif even moderately, when it comes to her acting skills.

From being called 'eye candy' in hero-centric films to being considered 'non-existent' in her latest, Dhoom: 3 - she's heard it all. Ask Kaif about it, and she says unperturbed, "It's okay... I mean, if that's what they feel, that's what they feel!"

Prod her further about whether it upsets her when most guests on Karan Johar's ongoing chat show, too, rate her the lowest in terms of acting abilities, and the 30-year-old calmly says, "No, it doesn't. People are entitled to their opinion, and I can't have an opinion on someone else's opinion."

When asked if she feels that people pull her down because she's competition for them, Kat responds with a cheeky giggle, saying nothing.    

Criticism on her acting skills apart, the actor is also a favourite when it comes to rumours. Ask her how she has been dealing, of late, with constant speculations around her personal life and relationships, and she sighs before breaking into a giggle, saying, "Oh, yes! These speculations... I've kind of started to expect them now. As an actor, you eventually learn to accept such things as a part of your life."

So, what is it that she misses the most of a normal life? "Not having to worry about other people's opinion!" pat comes the reply.