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Katrina Kaif: 'Ranbir is a big part of my life..'

Katrina Kaif


Mumbai, Sept. 17 -- Katrina Kaif usually remains guarded about issues concerning her personal life. Speculation has been rife about her alleged relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, but she has remained tight-lipped so far.

Now, for the first time perhaps, she opens up, says she won't talk about day-today "updates" regarding her life, yet acknowledges it as "our relationship". See, I understand people's desire for an update - to know what's happening in someone's life.

So, whether it was the pictures from Ibiza (the infamous paparazzi images of her with Ranbir), who's coming to whose birthday, or who's buying a house, people always want an update. But this is where I draw the line [by not reacting to the rumours]... because then, you have to constantly give updates about your personal life, which is something I've never done.

If you ask me generally about Ranbir, I would - rather than commenting on our day-to-day activities - say that he is an extremely important person in my life. I have a lot of regard for him. He is an amazing person, and an amazing actor. That's the best way I can put it.

And I feel everyone - to a large extent - is aware of his presence in my life. Again, this is something that, I'd say, falls under the 'day-to-day' update of what's going on in our relationship. So, I won't comment on it. Marriage is a serious decision, and there can be a lot of changes in your life that have to be factored in to make your marriage successful. So, it's something you should approach with a lot of maturity, thought and love.

When, and if, that happens, it won't be hidden. What does it mean to 'accept'? Giving an official statement will again be like an update... I think it's a clear enough statement to make that Ranbir has a very important presence in my life. He is a big part of my life. People can understand, and be sufficiently satisfied with that. Beyond that, at this point, I don't think it's necessary to elaborate any more.