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The curious case of Ranbir and Kat!

Katrina Kaif

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

There have been so many talks going about the couple since one month! So many statements being made by them, and so many things that they are doing that prove exactly the opposite of what they state. Now, what are they really up to?

While Ranbir has rubbished the rumours of engagement to Katrina with a whole lot of confidence, the whole thing hasn’t died down, and people still believe that they did exchange rings in the UK!  

So, why so much efforts put in hiding the matter? Is it that Kat’s worried about her career and thus told Ranbir to deny their “engaged” status? The “married” label does hit actresses’ careers hard, after all!

But then again, Kat was offered a three-film deal with Disney, but she’s said goodbye to the offer. It appears as if she is getting ready to settle down now and therefore is refusing to commit to long schedules to new projects.

Hmmm… Whatever the truth is, let it be told, you two!