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When I'm pregnant I'll let people know: Kareena


New Delhi, June 17 -- Even though the promotions for her new film are on in full swing, Kareena Kapoor Khan hasn't stepped out for over a week because she has been down with high fever.

"I've had a terrible viral fever. In fact, I was running a temperature. I just came back from London (UK). I think it got worse," she says.

Despite that, she sounds cheerful and excited. We talk to her about pregnancy rumours, work and more. I think people have always been speculating (about various things). But whenever the time is right, and whenever it (the pregnancy) happens, Saif (Ali Khan; husband) and I will be the first ones to talk about it (publicly). We don't look at it as an invasion of our privacy because people are going to talk anyway. So, Saif and I will tell the media and our fans whenever there is such a thing. People should just wait for us to talk to the press. I don't think it should bother me after 70 films and almost 16 years (in Bollywood). If it still bothers me, then I don't think I have a life (laughs). I am beyond all of that now. I think people should also understand that such things makes me feel small.