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The stories behind the women on top!


New Delhi, Sept. 15 -- Did you know when Kareena Kapoor Khan decided to shift into a live-in set up with her now husband Saif Ali Khan, her family was a little taken aback?

Or that Sania Mirza defeated a sixteen-year-old tennis player when she was barely nine years old? Or that Mary Kom's father didn't want her to take up boxing because he thought no one will marry her?

There is this and a lot more in Gunjan Jain's latest book, She walks, She leads, published by Penguin Random House India. Jain's book profiles 24 women who have inspired India in different ways. She says, "I wanted this book to be a celebration of womanhood. When a woman is at the top of her career, we applaud her. Well, I wanted to tell the story of how they got there."

It was quite an elaborate job to shortlist these women. Jain researched around 200 women who inspired her, and did not let age or profession stand in her way. "I asked myself two questions during the process. One, how has she contributed to change in the social context. And two, how can a reader learn from this woman what cannot be learnt from anyone else in her field?" says Jain.

Jain does not make any personal judgment about anyone. "I've just scripted their profiles. I wanted these stories to resonate with the readers. I wanted them (readers) to envision their own lives after reading this. Women who are struggling and are fighting battles every day, should find their role model in this book," she says.