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Kareena's big-budget fan moment!

Kareena Kapoor


Mumbai, April 28 -- Bollywood celebrities often receive love and adulation when they get to meet their fans. But Kareena Kapoor Khan is receiving much more.

The actor has apparently been offered 7 crore by a Dubai-based clothing brand to travel around the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and meet her fans, as part of their marketing strategy.

"The brand organised several meet-and-greet shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, where a large number of people turned up. Kareena will also visit Oman and Bahrain during this trip," says a source close to the actor, adding, "She does not endorse the brand, and has become part of the initiative only because she liked the idea."

Kareena was approached for this series of events a few months ago. "The brand officials will be paying her 7 crore for this nearly-two week-long event," adds the source.

While the actor remained unavailable for a comment, her spokesperson said, "Yes, Kareena is travelling around the UAE to meet her fans."