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Kareena stays in shape!

Kareena Kapoor


Mumbai, March 15 -- After famously losing a lot of weight to attain a 'size zero' figure for Tashan (2008), Kareena Kapoor Khan returned to her normal weight and has managed to maintain it over the years.

The actor is so fitness conscious, that now, as she heads to Punjab for a month-long film shoot, she is taking a trainer along.

A source close to her says, "Punjab is a foodie's paradise and Kareena, who is half-Punjabi, loves the traditional fare. She fears that she will go on an eating spree there, and will put on weight. That will negatively affect the continuity of this film as well as her other project - Bajrangi Bhaijaan - for which she will travel to Kashmir after this schedule. So, her trainer has sent one of her assistants to Punjab with Kareena"

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirmed the news.