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Kareena: 'Karan is very supportive, understanding'

Kareena Kapoor


Mumbai, July 1 -- Karan Johar's ambitious project, Shuddhi, has been in the news constantly for its casting issues. Earlier this year, Hrithik Roshan pulled out of the film. But it was when Kareena Kapoor Khan, too, opted out, that reports of a tiff between her and the film-maker surfaced.

Fed up of denying these rumours, Kareena says, "It's madness. What can possibly go wrong (between her and Karan)? I feel so sad that the media equates relationships with a film. If I don't want to be part of his film, and if I tell Karan this, then nobody will understand it better than him." The actor insists that Karan "is very understanding and supportive".

She adds, "Once and for all, I want to clarify that not being part of Shuddhi was completely my call. Whatever the conclusions were - that the film didn't work out, whether Hrithik wasn't there or I didn't want to be part of it at that point - Karan was very supportive throughout as a friend. He completely understood, and he knows my reasons. That's what important."

Having worked in multiple films by the film-maker, Kareena refers to him as a brother. "He comes to my house, and we put our feet up and talk about films and other things. For God's sake, can the media please understand that one film cannot cost a relationship? I don't think like a typical actor. I have always said that I am slightly mad," she says.