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Kareena: I love my man and my work

Kareena Kapoor


New Delhi, June 20 -- Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of those actresses, who've managed to defy the myth that married heroines don't have a successful career.

Not only does she have a film ready to release, but she also has a bunch of movies with noted directors, in her kitty. And in the middle, she also manages to take time off to enjoy vacations with husband, Saif Ali Khan. She recently got talking...

Whether it is commercial or content-driven cinema, your bag is full. How does it feel?

I wanted to balance it out. Doing commercial, masala films is in my DNA. That is not going to change. And it's not a crime being part of a film with a Khan. In fact, it's an honour. But, I'm also working in Abhishek Chaubey's, R Balki's and Raj Kumar Gupta's next. I want to collaborate with new people, and this was a conscious decision.

But you seem to be taking it easy now...

I don't want to do five films simultaneously. I want good roles and films. I am greedy for success, but I also wish for a good life. Having said that, I am excited to start my journey with new directors. In the last 15 years, I've worked with every possible director in Bollywood.

It was said that actresses don't get work beyond a point, especially once they marry. You still manage to generate interest among the audiences.

I feel amazed that it will be my 16th year in the industry next year. Before I know it, 20 years will have passed, and it's quite insane. I started working when I was 18. And the fact is that most people say that actresses have a shelf life of 10 years. And, being married is another thing altogether. I wanted to enjoy both. I wanted to be married, perform, act, look good, and do interesting roles. At a time when everyone told me to not get married, and warned me that in the Indian film industry, they look down upon married actresses, I was like, 'Who does that? Why?' I'm proud to be a working, married and independent woman. I'm doing both the things I love - I am married to the man I love, and I love my work.

Your pairing with Salman has worked well in the past. What do you think of your next film with him which is his production?

It's an honour to work with Salman. When Baby (Alvira Khan; Salman's sister) turned producer, I was the heroine. When Arbaaz (Khan; filmmaker and Salman's brother) turned director, I did a song in his film. And now, when Salman turns a producer, I'm there in his film. I love the fact that Salman and his family loves and respects me.