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Kareena: How I support my sister is no one's concern


Mumbai, April 14 -- Kareena Kapoor Khan's sister, Karisma Kapoor, has been through a lot on the personal front, as her divorce from husband Sanjay Kapur is yet to come through.

Even though their father, Randhir Kapoor, recently spoke about the matter, Kareena has made it a point to keep mum. "It is such a personal thing. Both Karisma and I haven't spoken about it at all. How I support my sister is no one's concern," says Kareena, adding, "I'm very happy that people are concerned about her, because she is a public figure, and I respect that. But people are also writing 500 versions of the matter (Karisma's personal life), when no one knows the truth."

She insists that a celebrity's personal life should not be made the subject of gossip. "My father had spoken about the matter because he was angry. But I haven't commented on it and will not," she says.

Meanwhile, Kareena is glad that her latest release is doing well at the box office. Ask her, if like her character in the movie, she, too, was ever interested in doing a corporate job, and Kareena says, "I'm only interested in acting. It is something I love and have wanted to do since childhood. I'm not cut out to be a producer either. Production and direction are not my areas of expertise. I will continue to act."

Last year, however, was not too successful for her husband, Saif Ali Khan. He didn't do too many films, and the one he did didn't fare particularly well at the box office. But Kareena isn't worried. "He has been an actor for 25 years now, and in such a long career, you will have good moments as well as bad ones. He is mature enough to understand that. A few bad films here and there don't make much of a difference. He is one of the best actors we (the industry) have, and he is an intelligent actor. He is taking time with his scripts now, which is good."