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Bebo: "I'm not interested in any part of filmmaking apart from acting"

Kareena Kapoor

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

She has been in the industry for quite long. Probably the longest amongst all the actresses of B-Town right now. And yet, she has not done anything else but acting. She has never worn the producer’s hat, never sung for a film, and had no fashion labels in her name even though she is quite the glamorous one of Bollywood.

With so many young actresses starting off with their own clothing like, like Alia Bhatt for example, and Anushka Sharma turning producer for NH10, we wonder why Kareena has never done any of these things!

Well, let’s get one thing clear. It’s not like she’s never had a chance. But she prefers to focus on her acting, as that’s her real passion. She has turned down all the offers of fashion designing, production, direction, and so forth.

Says the actress herself: “I have been offered to start my own fashion line, but right now I don’t want to deviate from films as acting is my passion. And I don’t think I can wear a producer’s hat as there is a lot more that goes on than just adding your name. I don’t think I have that kind of time or level to take that responsibility. Moreover, I’m not interested in any part of filmmaking apart from acting.”
You may think that doing the same thing for 15 years may get boring or monotonous. But that’s definitely not how Bebo feels!

“I love to work with new people. I’m working with directors that I have never worked with before — whether it’s Kabir or Abhishek or Rajkumar Gupta. They are people that I have never worked with in 15 years of my career. So I always try to work with new people, but according to the script that I like.”