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Karan Singh Grover is a closed chapter: Jennifer Winget

Karan Singh Grover


Ever since Jennifer Winget has filed for a divorce from Karan Singh Grover (they tied the knot in 2012), her personal life has been in the news. Now, however, the TV actor wants her career to take precedence. For the same reason, she has diverted all her energies towards her debut film. The 29-year-old talks about her career plan, and how she is open to 'giving and receiving love' again.

Of late, several TV actors have been seen in films. Why do you think this trend has caught on?
The audience is more accepting now of a TV actor in films. There are many experimental stories and small budget movies that are working. I think that’s why this trend seems to be working. There are many opportunities opening up.

Bagging your debut film as the lead must have been a career high for you. Was it tough for you to handle that with the divorce proceedings?
My work and my personal life are two different things, and I don’t let one affect the other. I am nervous and excited about my movie and to see how it helps me grow as a professional. The film is about finding love again.

Do you believe in 'finding love again'?
Yes. Love is beautiful, and I am open to giving and receiving it. Just because one has had a bad experience doesn’t mean one can’t live one’s life. I believe in chances. It’s up to you to take them or not.

Is divorce still a taboo word in society?
It’s a point of view. If you are not happy, then you make a choice. Society always has things to say about everything. If we keep thinking about what people will say, we will never move forward.

Are you in touch with Karan? Do you still consider him a friend?
No, I am not. As for friendship, I don’t know. Right now we are not in touch. I don’t think about him. Karan is a closed chapter for me, though it will always be in the book.