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Karan-Bipasha: Gym buddies!

Karan Singh Grover


Mumbai, Dec. 15 -- Of late, there have been rumours about Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover dating, though both of them have categorically denied it. While some have termed this as another publicity stunt for their upcoming film, others believe that there's no smoke without fire. We've learned from sources that the duo has become gym buddies now.

Bipasha is known for being a fitness freak, and is also among the few actors who have come out with fitness DVDs. Karan, too, is known for his physique. Both actors met on the sets of their film and fitness became a common point of discussion between the two. A source from the sets tells us, "They would often spend hours together talking about fitness tips, health drinks and high-carb breakfast foods."

The source adds, "Their friendship reached such a level that Bipasha, who has been a regular at one of the gyms in Bandra for nearly a decade, decided to change her fitness centre, and head to the one where Karan is a member."

Members present in the gym have often seen them working out together, too. "They wait for each other to finish their workouts, if either of them finishes their exercises before the other."