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Karan Johar: 'I never offend anyone'

Karan Johar

Mumbai, Nov. 30 -- Karan Johar, who has been hosting a popular chat show, Koffee With Karan, for some years now, is ready with the fourth season, which premieres soon. But this season's opening episode will see Salman Khan and not Karan's friend Shah Rukh Khan. This has only added fire to the rumours of an alleged rift between the two.     

Ask Karan about this and he replies, "Of course Shah Rukh will be on the show. He didn't open the previous season either, nobody asked me then." He adds that even Aamir Khan will be part of the show. According to Karan, Salman was at his candid best on the show. Karan says, "Salman spoke like never before. He was unplugged, yet you see both sides of his personality - the serious and the funny Salman."     

But is he ever worried about spoiling his own relationship with actors? Karan says, "I never offend anyone, it is always fun and casual. There's so much information I have about them, but I never use that. I ask questions that are already asked in the papers. And I'm happy if they deny it, but it's how they do it. The idea is to have fun. Nobody has ever made a grand revelation on this show. The conversation becomes spicy because of my interaction with them. Irreverence and casual is the USP of this show."     

While Karan adds that his bucket list has Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar at the top, he also says that he wouldn't mind being on the famous couch himself. He jokes, "I wonder who will interview me. I'd like that, but I wonder who will be the host in that case."