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Krushna: Kapil Sharma gives one-liners, I am a performer..


Krushna Abhishek doesn’t like to be known as a standup comedian. He prefers calling himself “an actor who does comedy.” 
And Krushna gives a damn when people compare him with rival comedian-actor Kapil Sharma, because he believes that there is nothing worth comparing between the two.
“I never compare myself with Kapil. We have totally different styles. Kapil just gives one-liners, I do performances. Let’s be practical and genuine. Does he perform for one hour in his show? I perform for one hour. That’s the difference between us,” says Krushna.
The actor says that standup comedy was never his thing in the first place, so he has no reasons to be insecure. 
“People say that I have problem with Kapil but it’s not true. I never wanted to be a stand-up comedian. It’s just that I did so much comedy that I went into the zone of stand-up comedy,” he says.
Krushna’s new show The Drama Company has also entered the same channel as Kapil’s show. How will he build a bond with the audience? 
“People are bored of actors getting interviewed. If you want to see actors getting interviewed, then you would watch Koffee with Karan. The questions you ask the stars also get repetitive. So we had to be different. We thought why not bring theatre to television,” Krushna says. 
“The show will start with a play. Guests will act in it. And later, there will be fun interactions,” he shares.