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Kapil Sharma: It's better to work!


He’s popular, successful and has that one quality that women undoubtedly love in a man — sense of humour.

But actor-comedian Kapil Sharma’s love interest remains his work. The 35-year-old sought-after bachelor, who says he has “achieved recognition after a lot of hard work” doesn’t want to focus on anything else for now.

Mention marriage, and Sharma — who became a household name with his TV show, Comedy Nights With Kapil — quips: “There is no point in getting married kyunki ghar pe agar khane ko nahi hoga to biwi se roz jhagda hi hoga (because if there won’t be anything to eat at home, I’ll only end up having arguments with my wife every day). It is better to work and grow in my profession.”

As per the format of his show, Sharma invited many celebrities as guests and made good friends in the industry. Now, as he gears up to bring a new show on the tube, he’s happy to move forward with overwhelming support from Bollywood.

“Everyone has been very kind and supportive to me. I met Ranveer (Singh) recently, and he asked if he could help in any way for my new show. Katrina (Kaif), who has never been on my show, also told me, ‘I feel really bad that I wasn’t able to come as a guest on your show’. It feels nice to get such a warm response from those you’ve worked with,” says Sharma.

Stardom has changed the life of many, and things have been no different for the actor-comedian as well, especially after he entered Bollywood with his film, Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karu (2015). Talking about his journey as an actor, he says: “It feels good to get so much of love from people wherever I go. Every time we go for a show to a new city, we don’t feel like strangers at all. People consider me as one of their own.”