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Kapil Sharma: Being famous has its own challenges too..


Mumbai, June 5 -- Being famous comes with a lot of perks, but it has its own challenges too. And one of the most successful Indian comedians, Kapil Sharma is learning this first hand.

From getting into a legal spat with the channel that aired his last show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, to getting panned for making fun of nurses on his current show, The Kapil Sharma Show, he seems to be battling a new controversy every week.


However, Kapil has a practical view of things. "I don't think you can avoid controversies. For instance, in the nurses' case, I was talking about characters, not the community. Rochelle Rao is an artiste, and she doesn't know how to speak Hindi, toh thoda mazaak kar liya, flirt kar liya. It's all about that particular character," he says, adding, "I was positive about my new show, but I knew that I was starting from scratch again. I was worried. But my team has supported me throughout the process."


TV has immense reach, but Kapil makes sure to not let TRPs bother him too much. "I had faith that we would work well. Ratings, of course, matter, but I don't get too bothered by them. Kaafi rural areas tak yeh pahuch nahi paati (Ratings are not being collected from all the rural areas). I remember, I had once gone to one such place to shoot. I felt who would come to watch us here. But so many people turned up, and we were not able to shoot at all. People have loved us so much and I really want to thank my fans for this," he says.


Kapil says that the audience has been very kind to him right from the time he made his television debut with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2008. "My journey has been great. I have learnt a lot. The bigger you are, the more responsible you become," he adds.