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Why Kangana walked out of Sujoy Gosh's film..

Kangana Ranaut

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Kangana denies that she was ever part of the film. But she was! Sujoy Gosh’s next had her starring opposite Saif Ali Khan, but Kangana walked out of the film, raising a lot of curiosity and questions!

Well, here’s why she did so…

Kangana wanted Sujoy to sign a clause which said that she could have access to the film during post-production. And whichever scene she did not like, she could cut it! In fact she even wanted to be involved from the film-making stage!

That didn’t go down to well, and so Kangana quickly blew a goodbye kiss to Sujoy.

Looks like she’s drawing more and more inspiration from Aamir Khan day by day!