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My conflicts have been intense: Kangana

Kangana Ranaut


New Delhi, Nov. 5 -- Actor Kangana Ranaut, 27, says that she finds it difficult to connect with actors her age, since she feels that her life's "intense struggles" have made her mature for her biological age. "I don't feel like a 27-year-old, I feel I am way mature than someone that age," says Kangy.

And that's probably the reason why she is friends with the likes of actor Salman Khan than those falling in her age bracket. "I was shocked... It's weird, but when I got to know that Shraddha (Kapoor) and Varun (Dhawan) are my age, I was taken aback," she laughs, adding, "For me, they are a different generation. My conflicts have been so intense."

She says that she can't have a conversation about social network and playstations, and that's why it's difficult for her to connect with actors her age. "People talk about playstations, video games, social network and Twitter, I can't handle it," says the Queen actor.

She'd rather sit in solitude and enjoy her 'me' time. "I write poems, I meditate," she says, adding that she doesn't need to do conventionally cool things to be cool. "I don't live up to people's expectations. I don't do the conventional cool things, I know I am the coolest person." And she refuses to conform even in the choice of films she takes up. "Why does a girl need to be pretty? There's more to a female actor than lipsticks. I won't let a director roast and grill my body," she says.