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Karan's all praise for Kangana!

Kangana Ranaut


New Delhi, Sept. 27 -- Recently, filmmaker Karan Johar collaborated with a high-street brand to create a special line of outfits. The range was presented at a fashion show last week, with Kangana Ranaut as the showstopper. Post the show, the filmmaker was heard praising the actor.

A source close to Kangana reveals, "The two were giving interviews to various channels before the show - some together and some separately. To one of the channels, Karan said, 'Kangana is my only choice as a showstopper. She is clearly the performer of 2014 (and) she has also grown with the tremendous amount of power in the fashion space. She is a powerhouse fashionista and a powerhouse actress.' He also added that 'the collaboration of both the Ks' will prove to be lucky."

Kangana is thrilled with the compliment. "Mr Karan Johar is very gracious," she says, adding, "I humbly accept this compliment. I have to admit (that) he is absolutely right."