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Kangana's not a 'wacko'..

Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, Oct. 24 -- Kangana Ranaut has always made unconventional choices, be it her movies or the way she dresses. And the actor says she's happy the way she is.

In a previous interview to HT Cafe, she had even called herself "too modern for the mountains", while explaining her move from a little town in Himachal Pradesh to Mumbai, to make a career in films.

"A lot of people think I'm different. Even my parents think I'm weird, but not in a bad way. I'm not a wacko; they just feel I'm too evolved for my age. And I don't really disagree with them," says Kangana, adding, "I'm 27, but they worry that I don't talk or behave like others my age. My choices and decisions aren't like my peers. But that's just how it is. Some of us are just the way we are, and it's okay, as long as I'm comfortable with it. At the same time, I'm also very spiritual, and I rely a lot on my instinct."

The actor reveals that even the way she spends time with her parents is "weird". "I like to give them my time individually. When I take my parents out for dinner, it's just us.

That's a lot more fulfilling than meeting them with the rest of my family. On those occasions, they are mostly having a conversation with Rangoli (Kangana's sister) or talking about people and incidents that I'm absolutely unaware of," says Kangana, admitting that such instances often lead to fights between the siblings. "Then I just think, 'I only have half a day and I haven't even had a proper conversation with my parents. They haven't even looked at me.' People think that I'm weird when I say that I prefer spending time separately with my parents, but I know what I'm doing," she explains.