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Mumbai, Aug. 29 -- Parineeti Chopra has often been targeted by the fashion police for her style sense, but she isn't one to give up that easily. Determined to get fit, she's now working hard to lose weight and has the right icon to look up to.

Currently, the person who tops her list of fashion divas is Kangana Ranaut. "I think she dresses up really well. I like what she wears. She has a perfect body, so everything looks good on her. I wish I also become fit [soon], so I can also wear anything and look as good," says Parineeti, admitting that she always considered herself overweight.

"Now, I think I am getting back into shape," she adds. Meanwhile, a report recently revealed that Parineeti and Sonam Kapoor made peace at a party after a verbal spat ensued on Karan Johar's chat show, following a few remarks made by both parties.

On the show, apparently, Sonam had suggested that Parineeti should stop wearing tight clothes; and Parineeti had said that Sonam, given her talkative nature, should take up an alternate career that requires her to speak at length.

But Parineeti denies this news. "There were 20 other people at that party. I said hello to everyone and partied with everyone. So the story made no sense. We never fought, so where did the need to patch up come from," she says, adding, "I don't even know her that well. I have just partied with her once or twice."