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Kangana's fashion plans!

Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, March 13 -- Kangana Ranaut, who is known to be among Bollywood's best-dressed stars, says she will soon take her interest in fashion forward by working on an international fashion line.

"It will be a completely new path, but yes, I am considering starting my own line of clothes. I have already got a lot of offers from big brands to launch a line in India. But, if I have to, I'd like to do it internationally, in a big way," reveals the actor.

"I have a lot of designer friends, and I will take their help - which I am sure they will extend - in terms of making use of their workshops and offices," she adds, with a laugh.

As of now, Kangana doesn't "have a clear roadmap laid out". "Maybe in the next five years; I would like to educate myself in the world of fashion before launching a label," says the actor, who has just returned from Paris after attending the Autumn/Winter 2015 show.

Ask about her experience and she says, "It was great. They knew of me and my movies. I'm constantly busy with films, but my other passion is fashion. However, I haven't been able to follow it much of late; I haven't even had the time to flip through magazines."

How does she look back on her journey from a Himachal Pradesh girl to the corridors of the glamour world? "I didn't get anything easily. A lot of people ask me, 'Where do you get the style sense from?', but I have no clear answer. I guess it comes naturally.

Even if I wear simple jeans and T-shirt, the 'fashion police' praises me. That in a way makes me want to do it again and again," says Kangana.

The actor adds, "You know, unlike Miss Worlds and supermodels, I haven't had the exposure to such things. I started off from a small town; and I am a true-blue mountain girl. I don't even belong to a big film family, who has seen everything from the start."