Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana turns dialogue writer!

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, Dec. 18 -- We've heard of actors turning directors, but rarely do Bollywood stars contribute to the dialogue of a film. However, that's exactly what Kangana Ranaut has done for her upcoming release, Queen.

Since she has grown up in a small town herself, the actor could relate to her character in the movie. "I have to talk like a real person and I have to be candid because I play the part of a shy, sheltered and submissive girl, who is very protected by her family," says Kangana.     

Revealing how she came to write some of the dialogue for the movie, director Vikas Bahl says, "I like it when characters find their own language in the film. That's why, as Kangana got more into the character, I wanted her to have lines that came naturally to her."    

Although the actor has starred in several big-ticket films over her seven-year-long career, she says she had most fun while shooting this project...because I got to travel   so much. We (actors) always go to different places while shooting movies, but this time, I even got to go to exotic locations like Paris. For the first time, I got to go up on the Eiffel Tower and shoot there."