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Kangana suits up!

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, Oct. 23 -- Looks like Bollywood stars take the idiom 'clothes maketh the man' a bit too seriously while preparing to get into character. Shah Rukh Khan's costumes in RA.One (2011) apparently cost over 1 crore and in the latest such case, Kangana Ranaut's all-rubber latex suit comes with a hefty price tag too. We have learnt that Kangana's custom-made bodysuits have burnt a big hole in the makers' pockets - worth a whopping 10 lakh per costume. And since, the makers had got around 10 such bodysuits, the total expense came to nearly 1 crore.    

"All the material for Kangana's suits was imported from the same place (in France) where Angelina Jolie's latex suit (for Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life; 2003) came from. Rakesh (Roshan; film-maker) didn't want to leave anything to chance," says an insider.    

When contacted, the director says, "I don't want to get into the cost part, but we sourced the material (for Kangana's costumes) from Paris. It's costly, but I hope that the audiences like what I have made." Gavin Miguel, who created Kangana's suit for Krrish 3, says, "I studied Lara Croft, Batman and Catwoman.    We sourced the fabric from the same place where many Hollywood films get their material."