Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana Ranaut's formula for being fit!

Kangana Ranaut

When she walks in, the first thing that you feel is serious body envy! Actor Kangana Ranaut visited the HT House recently and we we were instantly awestruck by the Bollywood beauty’s perfect frame. But, when we asked her about her fitness regimen, we were surprised by the simplicity of her health mantra.

“I don’t believe in torturing my body. I had to go through strict training for Krrish 3, but now I am taking it easy. If you want to stay in shape, there is no need to go overboard. Mix up your exercises. Opt for yoga, kickboxing or any other workout option,” she said, adding, “If you don’t have the time to hit the gym at all, the simplest way to stay fit is by going for a walk daily for 30 minutes. It will keep you healthy — mentally and physically.”

After her fitness gyaan, the 26-year-old further added that her healthy skin is also a result of healthy eating. “As an actor, I work under harsh lights and constantly travel. All of this takes a toll on my skin often, and earlier I used to get really bad breakouts because of this. But, a friend told me it’s all about how you start your day. So I decided to ditch my staple coffee or tea in bed, and replaced it with a healthy snack or green juice, and it really helped improve my skin, which is now healthy.”  
Starting Healthy
Kangana says that the best way to keep your metabolism going and keeping you body fit is by starting the day in a healthy way. This even helped the actor to get the glow back on her skin. We completely agree! Our experts reccomend starting the day with a glass of hot water with lemon in it.