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Kangana Ranaut works overtime!

Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, March 4 -- Kangana Ranaut is currently in London, UK, shooting for her next, which is the sequel to her 2011 hit, Tanu Weds Manu. And we've been told that for a dance number, which also features her co-star, R Madhavan, the actor has been putting in extra hours to perfect her steps.

A source close to Kangana reveals, "The song is being choreographed by Bosco and Ceaser. The upbeat number involves a lot of energetic moves. In order to get the steps right, Kangana has been rehearsing for two hours post her shoot every day. The final shoot for the number will take place this week."

That's not all. To get the vibe of the song right, Kangana will also train with the crew before the filming begins. Usually, actors learn the steps separately and only practise with the actual background dancers on the day of the shoot. The source adds, "The script demands such a song. It's a fun film and the number captures that feel. Kangana has been rehearsing all of last week, and will soon start training with the dance crew."