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Kangana Ranaut wants a companion, not a casual fling

Actor Kangana Ranaut comes across like a whiff of fresh air in an otherwise stoic industry. She is poised and frank, and says calmly, "At this stage of life, I am not looking for a casual relationship. I am looking for a companion, a serious relationship."

The 26-year-old defines her ideal companion as "someone who is looking for the same thing as I am."She goes on to explain, "If the other person wants a casual relationship, therewill be a conflict of interest. He should be honest and good at what he does. Honesty attracts me."

Kangana, who recently returned from a screenwriting course in New York, says though she lost out on a few opportunities, she is happy to have tried it out.

"It's one of the most beautiful things that I've done in the past seven years. I took out time to give myself an opportunity which I couldn't, when I was young. Yes, I lost out on some opportunities, a few appearances that went to other actresses. But I'm not greedy. I changed after the course, I learned a few things.

I am happy. I don't want to limit myself. I want to learn as much as I can. It provided me with scope for growth."

You wouldn't expect most actors to get pensive, but she says, "You may call me philosophical, but I think one must learn to let go of that little greed, that little profit... people, especially women, hold on to dead relationships because of that 40% good it brought them. But they need to let go of it because of the 60% sadness it brings them."

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