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Kangana Ranaut: Not every Delhi girl is like Tanu!

Kangana Ranaut


New Delhi, April 25 -- We have seen actor Kangana Ranaut play a Delhi girl many times. Be it the flamboyant Tanu in Tanu weds Manu (2011) or the soft spoken Rani in Queen (2014), and both characters have won her praise from the audience.

When we asked her if she likes playing a Delhi girl on screen, she told us, "Ladki chaahe Dilli ki ho, Ahmedabad ki ho, ya Paris ki, characters are characters. It's not that every girl in Delhi is like Tanu or Rani, or is like a character portrayed in films, so we cannot generalise." She adds, "We always pick up nuances... bol-chaal, rang-dhang, baat karne ka tareeka.. we notice all that before we prepare for our roles. If you see, Tanu was a Delhi University student, so was Rani and now Kusum (her character in Tanu Weds Manu returns) too, but all these characters are different from each other.

The actor, who shot major parts of the film in the Capital, says that she had to go through training for her role, "I had to learn triple jump and take training in order to prepare," she tells us.