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Kangana Ranaut: 'My parents need an appointment to meet me'

Kangana Ranaut


New Delhi, Oct. 31 -- Kangana Ranaut doesn't like to jumble up too many things - be it movies or meeting people. While directors approaching her now are reportedly getting dates for 2016, her own family needs an appointment to meet the 27-year-old actor.

"I don't like doing too many things at the same time. Because then, you can't give quality time to anything. For that reason, even my own parents need an appointment to meet me. They think I am crazy, but that's alright," she laughs.

She backs the need for an 'appointment' with reason. "You know, they would come over and then everyone talks at the same time. No one can hear anything. They would discuss things which don't really matter ... things that happened years ago or incidents which aren't related to us. So, what's the point?"

So, she'd rather meet her loved ones separately. "For instance, when my brother, who is a pilot, is in town, I take him out for dinner and get to really know more about his life. And it'll be awkward if my parents show up when I am with my friends. Neither will get quality time. So they text, 'We are free on this day. Your plans?' If it works out for both of us, we meet."