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Kangana Ranaut: 'I was criticised for being upfront'

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, Nov. 13 -- Kangana Ranaut is currently riding high on the success of her latest release, Krrish 3. However, even before the release, the actor was being showered with praise for speaking her mind on a television interview that subsequently went viral.

Although she is glad about the feedback, Kangana does admit that many reactions did leave her a bit surprised. "I don't know why me being natural is so shocking for people. I find it strange when people aren't being themselves," says the actor, who has earned herself the title of being one of the most fashionable faces in Bollywood. "I don't   know any other way apart from being honest. In my early days, I was criticised for being upfront," she says.     

During the above-mentioned interview, Kangana, for perhaps the first time, also revealed that she has done a few films in her career just to pay the bills. Bring this up and she admits, "Right now, I have exciting projects lined up. If someday I don't, then I'd rather be part of an ensemble cast, even if my role isn't that important. But if you see me dancing on stage, then you will know that I'm in a financial crisis. Sometimes it is easy money, but I can't do it." Of course, the facts that she has stage fright and suffers from anxiety attacks when in a crowd also don't help. "Maybe I should talk to someone about it," she says, with a smile.     

For Kangana, who has yet another release, Rajjo, lined up for this weekend, says that it feels great when people appreciate her efforts, but she's happier when her films are liked by all.     

Ask her why people should watch her next and she says, "The film reflects reality. It's about a real-life struggle, which involves a sensitive love story. It also has some good music. It's a family entertainer without any controversial content. But people should decide for themselves if they want to watch the film. It's an option for them."     

Her last release, Krrish 3 made big money at the box office. Does she expect this film to collect good revenue too? Kangana says, "I can't tell if that will happen. As long as people like the film, I'm happy. They don't even have to like me. If I was so serious about my image, you wouldn't see me change it all the time."     

She also points out that it's wrong to compare Rajjo with Krrish 3. Kangana says, "If you do that, then you're comparing a science-fiction film with a real-life story. At the end of the day, all movies have to release at some point. So I don't care much whether it's immediately after my last release."